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Olaplex is a revolutionary product that has created a real change to what is possible with hair colour and condition. It has been called the "Holy Grail" of hair treatments.

#olaplex has over 300,000 Instagram images. This product is a phenomenon, because of the results. And because Kim Kardashian used it to go blonde.

Healthy hair retains colour longer so Olaplex will help your colour stay vibrant longer.

Drop in to one of our salons to find out more and be sure to add it on to your next colour service. It's becoming an essential step in having great colour with great condition. It drastically reduces damage to hair, and improves it's condition.

Prices start at €25 on top of your colour service.

The science of this is that heat and or chemical services damage bonds in the hair. Olaplex repairs these bonds. There is more science as well...the text below is an explainer from the Olaplex Facebook page. There are three stages to the Olaplex service.

  • No. 1 works in colors, lighteners and other salon services to lessen damage as it occurs. Some bonds have to break regardless to see a visible change in the hair. That is why we recommend building up the strength of the hair via in-salon Stand Alone Treatments and No. 3 take home Hair Perfector prior to performing services if there is any question on hair's integrity. The more healthy bonds in the hair, the stronger it is and the more services you can perform while keeping the hair healthy. When bonds break, they weaken the strength and structure of our hair by turning to cystic acid and eat the protein out out the hair. No. 1 works to relink these bonds before that reaction can take place.
  • No. 2 works with the same active ingredient but as mentioned above, with no chemicals working against it. This helps find the bonds that had to break to see a change in the hair and relinks them back together. Not only does it help relink bonds broken during service but also ones that have been broken in the past from previous color and chemical services, mechanical and thermal styling and environmental factors. This is why Olaplex can be used on anyone and everyone and how some report their hair actually feeling better than it did before their salon service. 
  • No.3 Works as a weekly treatment to ensure these bonds stay together and also repairs any clients have broken themselves through at home styling and environmental factors.
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